7 Reasons To Choose An Independent Opticians in Colchester

Optician in Colchester

7 Reasons why you should hire an optician in Colchester

Ask any optician in Colchester – or anywhere else for that matter – and they will tell you that getting your eyes tested regularly is incredibly important. But of course, opticians have a vested interest in getting as many people into their consulting rooms as they can, so just what are the reasons for seeking the help and advice of an optician?

  1. Education

Our eyes are as old as we are, an obvious statement but it is easy to forget that as we grow old, so does our vision. It is never too early to start giving your eyesight the care and attention it deserves, particularly for children. Good eyesight is important in school whereby children are required to participate in a wide array of activities, ranging from reading, watching videos on projected screens, singing hymns off monitors in assembly, and reading from whiteboards. We would also advise you to book an appointment at our optician in Colchester as many children tend to use screens after school, such as watching television or using an electronic device. Our independent opticians would strongly recommend that all children should receive an eye test in order to detect problems with their vision which could adversely affect their ability in education. No child’s education should be at the sacrifice of their eyesight.

  1. Lifestyles

With working from home increasingly popular and prevalent across the country, and with office jobs revolving around completing tasks on computer screens, many of us are now spending our working hours in front of a screen for prolonged periods of time. Undoubtedly, this can negatively affect our eyesight. There is rarely a moment during the working week in which one does not refer to a screen of some kind, from the moment we wake in the morning, switching off an alarm on our mobile phones, to checking our messages and scrolling through emails or social media, to then using our mobile phones as a means of entertainment on the commute to work, only to then spend 8 hours working in front of a screen, to repeat the commute’s entertainment on the return journey and then an evening spent in front of another device of some sort. Screens rule our lives and it is not until we are notified by ‘screen time’ on our lock screen that we are made aware of just how much time we spent in front of one.

Any optician in Colchester will inform you that this will undoubtedly have an adverse effect on our vision and would strongly encourage you to book an appointment at any of our Optical Revolution practices.

  1. Prevent damage and sight loss

Unfortunately, there are certain aspects of our lives which we can’t change, such as how much time we spend at work in front of a computer screen as emails and virtual calls are required unless we switched entirely to an operating system whereby emails were swapped for handwritten letters and virtual calls were telephone only. However, in a modern world where responses are required immediately, these ideal situations are often unable to materialise.

So in an attempt to improve quality of life, our optician in Colchester would advise anyone looking to improve an aspect of their life to book an appointment for an eye test. Not only is seeking the help of an optician to assess the health of your eyes a necessary yearly requirement, but it can also help to improve the quality of life. Our eyes don’t hurt like teeth do, and so our eyes can deteriorate without us even realising. That’s where our independent opticians in Colchester step in.

Our advanced eye test helps to detect any abnormalities within your vision, helping to detect certain eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration which could in turn lead to sight loss. Moreover and in relation to quality of life, visiting an optician in Colchester will help to identify these issues and provide a means of managing them, whether it be finding contact lenses or glasses suitable for your needs and lifestyle. This means that the risk of trips, falls and other injuries can be prevented by providing appropriate eyewear.

  1. Other health conditions

You may not realise, but an eye test can help to identify other health issues such as brain tumours, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lupus, strokes, or vitamin A deficiency, to name a few. So whether you have gone for just a check-up or to see whether your current glasses are working, you can come away knowing more about the general health of your eyes that you had initially intended to go for. Perhaps the headaches weren’t just a sign of needing stronger lenses.

  1. Eyes are as old as we are

As you should have gathered by now, your eyesight and the general health of your eyes deteriorate with age. Coupled with wear and tear, and medical conditions, these are just some factors which contribute to the deterioration of our vision. It is important to regularly check your eyesight to see whether your vision has altered in any way. So if you find yourself having to squint a little bit to read the on-screen TV guide, the problem is probably not your TV. Book an eye test and as one of the leading opticians in Colchester, our team will be able to ensure that you can see your TV screen sharp and clear again.

  1. Legality

With this comes, legalities, with UK driving requirements requiring drivers to be able to read registration plates from 65 feet. Many drivers on the roads who do not understand that not being able to see properly means that they are not legally competent to drive, which in turn could lead to prosecution or confiscation of their driving licence, as well as the loss of employment should their job require them to be on the roads.

  1. Check that your glasses and contacts are the right strength for you

It might seem funny at the time but borrowing someone’s glasses for comic effect, or even borrowing someone else’s because you can’t find your own can do more harm than good. So it would be wise to nip that habit in the bud as wearing incorrect lenses can strain your eyes and cause further damage to your sight.

Additionally, perhaps you think you can risk skipping this year’s eye test appointment because you’re confident that your glasses fit the purpose – our optician in Colchester would advise you otherwise. An annual eye test appointment gives you the chance to check that your lenses fit their purpose and that your glasses are fitted correctly. Our team at Optical Revolution will happily book you in for an appointment, assess your eye health and advise on the best glasses or contact lenses to suit your needs.

Hopefully you have now been persuaded to visit our leading opticians practice in Colchester. Our state of the art eye tests will tell you much more about the health of your eyes than traditional examinations. So when we tell you that it is important to get your eyes tested regularly, we mean it. It always was, but now that a modern eye test does so much more than just check how well you can read small print at a distance, it is more useful and more important than ever before.

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