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Optical Revolution Catford: Your Trusted Independent Opticians

Optical Revolution is an independent optician in Catford, and we’re proud to be one of the UK’s top-rated opticians.

We provide an attentive service at our Catford opticians – whether you’d like to browse our range of designer prescription glasses, utilise our free lifetime servicing for your current frames, or book a comprehensive eye test.

Complete your in-store experience by booking a personalised eyewear styling consultation, during which we use the latest 3D technology to help you to find the perfect pair of new prescription frames.

Book your eye test in Catford online in a few simple steps, or simply contact us and one of our friendly colleagues will be on hand to help.

Why choose Optical Revolution Catford?

Here at Optical Revolution, we are dedicated to your unique vision needs, and all of our services are completely tailored to you. We offer personalised care in a warm, welcoming setting; and as your go-to local opticians in Catford, we’re committed to giving you a crystal-clear understanding of your overall eye health.

Our precise eye exams give our in-store optometrists a 20/20 view of your vision – all in just 40 minutes. From here, you can explore our selection of sought after European eyewear brands, and one of our practice colleagues will guide you through our custom glasses styling service.

Experience clear vision, exceptional style, and personalised care at Optical Revolution.

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Optical Revolution in Catford is one of the UK's top-rated opticians.

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