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Our Colchester eye clinic is renowned for its personalised, precise eye care services, and the practice is led by an experienced team of optometrists.

We’re proud to provide comprehensive eye tests for our patients at our Colchester opticians, and we use specialist equipment to assess your eye-health and check for signs of common age-related diseases.

We know how important it is for your frames to be comfortable, fashionable and functional, which is where our personalised styling consultations come in: helping you to choose the perfect designer prescription glasses or UV rated prescription sunglasses to suit your face shape and your own unique style.

Booking a 3D OCT eye exam at our Colchester opticians couldn’t be easier. Arrange an appointment online, or get in touch with us and a member of staff will be able to help you to find a convenient time.

Why choose Optical Revolution Colchester?

Here at Optical Revolution, we are dedicated to your unique vision needs, and all of our services are completely tailored to you. We offer personalised care in a warm, welcoming setting; and as your go-to local opticians in Colchester, we’re committed to giving you a crystal-clear understanding of your overall eye health.

Our precise eye exams give our in-store optometrists a 20/20 view of your vision – all in just 40 minutes. From here, you can explore our selection of premium eyewear brands, and one of our practice colleagues will guide you through our custom glasses styling service.

Experience clear vision, exceptional style, and personalised care at Optical Revolution


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