Special Offer

we cover the cost for our most advanced eye exam

Early detection is key to preventing eye-related issues and sight loss. Protect your current and future eye health with the most advanced optical scanning technology available. We are offering free advanced eye exams for people over 60 years old (usually £39)

get a 30% off voucher on glasses if you book today

Save 30% on your glasses by joining our care plan. Our lifetime care plan covers:

  • 50% off additional purchases for the first two years
  • 70% off all repairs for the first two years
  • Unlimited advanced 3D OCT eye exams
  • 100% back in store credit after two years if no repairs are made 

You can take advantage of our care plan benefits for just £4.95 per month. 


5 star

Honestly, I don’t understand why people keep going to big brand opticians… So glad I found this place. Adam and his staff were very helpful and they have a great collection of different styles. All in all a very pleasant experience. I will definitely be back.


get a 30% off voucher on glasses if you book today