Eye Tests: Why and When You Need Them

The eye is one of the body’s essential parts, and its health depends on proper care and regular eye tests. However, because several diseases can affect your eyes, it’s vital to be regularly checked by an eye doctor. 

You may not have noticed it, but you have probably changed your habits because of them. The truth is that our health and wellbeing depend on how good our eyesight is. Eye tests may seem like an unnecessary routine. But how many of us know the importance of a proper eye check? Not only do they help prevent eye disease, but they also detect signs of other diseases and illnesses. Patients should be careful when taking care of their vision, ensuring they choose a comprehensive eye exam to get the best understanding of their sight.

Here are some key points about why and when you should have tests.

  1. Checking for disease:
    Ocular surface diseases or conditions can show up with no symptoms. They might cause a significant impact on the patient’s life, such as impaired vision, pain, or discomfort in and around the eyes.
  2. Detecting risk factors for eye disease:
    The most common reason for eye tests is to detect vision-specific health risks, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, and signs of glaucoma. Early detection can prevent a vision problem from becoming severe.
  3. Sight and your busy lifestyle:
    As technology advances, working professionals find themselves spending more days in front of the computer screen. So, eye tests like macular degeneration screening are now recommended for people with high-risk eye disease who spend time every day in front of screens for work or home activities.
  4. Detecting signs of disease:
    Several diseases, such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid disorders, have visual symptoms easy to spot with a professional eye test. A proper eye test can detect these diseases early and provide the best treatment.
  5. Identifying ADHD risk factors:
    Don’t forget your optometry prescription checks when you have children–tools like the Calhoun tests help parents screen for conditions that can cause ADHD. Understanding a child’s vision can help the family identify when intervention or medication is needed.
  6. Helping decide on glasses:
    Since today’s glasses are not just for vision, optometrists and ophthalmologists check children’s eyes who wear corrective lenses to see if their pupils react to light and help determine whether glasses should be prescribed. Choosing the perfect pair of prescription glasses is also a decision rooted in your individuality, and we’ve accounted for this by offering our eyewear styling consultation service in all of our stores.
  7. Preventing pre-retinal tear syndrome:
    The Harris fixed D-value eye test is typically a black/white contrast test that can find problems with blood flow through the retina-ready for treatment before too much damage is done.
  8. Early detection of eye injuries:
    If you are involved in an accident that could cause an injury to your eyes, make sure someone is prompt for your medical attention by bringing them out for a professional eye examination as soon as possible following the incident.
  9. Early detection of cataracts:
    A specialized lens (that can be added to a regular contact lens) may reveal the presence of an opacified or opaque center, which is a possible early sign of this disease’s development.
  10. Estimation of health risks:
    Ophthalmologists use visual acuity and corneal topography to assess the health of an individual-an eye test in a regular course can identify conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears, or detachments early before they do too much damage.

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