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Our range of designer eyewear includes some of the best original styles from the greatest independent designers from around the world, including British visionary Tom Davies, the Italian elegance of Reykjavik Eyes, and the timeless sophistication of Cutler & Gross.

Once you’ve had your 3D OCT eye exam with us, the best way to explore our selection is by booking a free eyewear styling consultation, which will be tailored to your exact requirements; it can even help you to find frames that suit your face shape! One of our knowledgeable styling opticians will choose a variety of frames for you to try on, helping you to find the perfect pair of new designer prescription glasses without the usual hassle.

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Discover the quintessence of bespoke British eyewear craftsmanship with our exclusive Tom Davies collection. Renowned for its commitment to individuality and sartorial elegance, Tom Davies frames are the epitome of tailored luxury. Each pair is meticulously handcrafted in the UK, offering a personalised fit that marries style with unparalleled comfort. Celebrate the heritage of custom-made excellence and distinguish yourself with the sophisticated charm of Tom Davies eyewear – the perfect expression of British finesse and contemporary design. Read our Tom Davies eyewear guide to find out more.

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Introducing Reykjavik Eyes Black Label, where the minimalist elegance of Icelandic design meets British sophistication. These frames, crafted in Italy from premium Japanese titanium, offer unrivalled durability and style. They’re not merely spectacles but an expression of personal style, inspired by the majestic landscapes of Iceland. Embrace this collection and let your Reykjavik Eyes be the embodiment of a style that’s as unique as you are.

We are delighted to unveil the latest expansion of our Cutler & Gross collection, an emblem of British eyewear fashion with an esteemed heritage dating back to 1969. Cutler & Gross frames are not just glasses; they are pieces of history and artistry, infused with an individuality that is unmistakably British. Celebrated for their iconic role in the ‘Kingsman’ film series, these glasses are for those who dare to stand out. Each frame is crafted with a dedication to exceptional quality and design, making them a perfect addition to our curated selection for the discerning individual. Experience the fusion of tradition and modern flair with Cutler & Gross, and find your signature look with us.

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Get £100 towards your new frames when you book an eye test with us.

Here at Optical Revolution, our ethos is all about making stylish designer prescription glasses accessible to everyone. This is why we’re proud to offer a £100 contribution towards your new frames when you book an eye test with us – and, you can also add a styling consultation at no extra cost. Want to find a new pair of glasses that enhance your vision and suit your style? Arrange an appointment today at your local optician’s practice, or simply contact us for more information.