Eyewear Styling Consultation: Elevate Your Vision & Define Your Style

Experience our unique eyewear styling consultation​

Ever feel like you’re settling for frames that just aren’t quite right, or are you simply tired of browsing the same old options from your current opticians? Our bespoke eyewear styling consultation is here to change this, supported by a carefully curated range of designer prescription glasses that we’ve chosen for their style, quality, and everyday practicality.

Your glasses should be far more than just ‘satisfactory’ – they should serve as a marker of your individual style, while perfectly enhancing your vision. Our personalised glasses styling process will help you to achieve exactly this, and it can be added onto your eye exam appointment at no extra cost.

Design Prescription frames at Optical Revolution

What does an eyewear styling consultation involve?

Telling us about your style tell our styling opticians about the kind of glasses you like, and they’ll combine this with a few key factors, including your prescription, face shape, skin tone.

Choosing frames that suit your preferences our expert styling opticians will suggest a selection of frames for you to try on from the impressive range of European eyewear brands that we stock.

Using Zeiss technology to ensure you’ve got the perfect pair – once you’ve found your new frames, we ensure that they’ll be the perfect fit with our Zeiss Visufit1000 technology, giving us a 180-degree view of your face to map out contours and align the lenses with your eyes.


Discover the latest eyewear styles from our trusted brands

We stock an impressive range of eyewear brands, and every style is made using high-quality, durable, sturdy materials. This premium selection includes Reykjavik Eyes, Cutler & Gross, and Tom Davies. You’ll find an eclectic variety of styles from all of our designer ranges, so you can match your own self-expression to your frames of choice.

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Book your free glasses styling appointment

If you struggle to find glasses you love or that fit your individual style then pop into your local Optical Revolution store, and book a free eyewear styling appointment online now in a few simple steps. Alternatively, contact us today and a member of our team will help you to arrange an appointment at your local practice.

Things we consider during your glasses styling consultation


Frames that match your lifestyle will feel like a natural fit, and we’ll account for this in your eyewear styling consultation.

Face Shape

Your face shape can be revealing when it comes to styles that will suit you. Different face shapes are enhanced by certain styles, and we will ensure your style options reflect this.

Skin Tone & Colours

When comparing frame styles, we often look at how they complement your skin tone. Once we’ve established the hues that suit you, we’ll be able to share plenty more options.


Our styling experts will want to get to know you and your individual style, so don’t hold back when it comes to sharing your preferences with us!


Your prescription is factored into our eyewear styling service, as it allows us to select frame styles that are available in the strength you require.

Brand spotlight: Cutler & Gross

Tom Ford Glasses Frames

Tradition and modern flair are fused perfectly throughout our collection from Cutler & Gross, an esteemed British eyewear designer with a proud heritage that dates back to 1969. The brand has pioneered glasses styling through the decades, and its signature frames capture history and artistry through their finish. There’s something quintessentially British about this refined selection – celebrated for their iconic role in the ‘Kingsman’ film series, these glasses are for those who dare to stand out with captivating styles.

Every pair of glasses that Cutler & Gross produces embodies a meticulous quality standard, making them an exceptional investment for those looking for cutting-edge everyday eyewear.

Styling consultation Optical Revolution

Glasses styling tips:
choosing a glasses style that's perfect for you.

Our glasses styling suggestions guarantee you’ll pick a new pair of frames that elevate your appearance, complement your confidence, and unlock the potential of your vision.

Explore our range of glasses with an open mind – we’ve got an impressive variety of styles to choose from, and our styling opticians may use your face shape, skin tone or lifestyle to suggest frames that you might have otherwise overlooked.

Consider opting for multiple pairs of glasses – why choose between trendy or timeless when you can have both? Pick a pair for prolonged wear, and add a second style for aesthetic wear.

Don’t shy away from asking for our opinion – we take pride in being a point of advice for customers in our practices – feel free to ask for our opinion on the styles you’re trying!