How To Choose Glasses That Suit Your Complexion

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If you’re currently on the hunt for your next pair of designer prescription glasses, taking your skin tone and complexion into account could be a way to give you lots more longevity out of your new eyewear. We’ve created a guide on linking your skin complexion to your frames of choice, helping you to choose glasses that are a perfect match.

Determine your skin tone and undertone

We’ve outlined some of the most common characteristics of different skin tones and undertones – use our summaries and decide which ones are relevant to you.

Skin tone: fair, medium & dark

Your skin tone is the main colour that you have in your overall complexion, and it’s a result of your melanin levels. Genetics and lifestyle factors (i.e, sun exposure) can also influence skin tone.

Fair tone

Fair skin is the lightest tone on the spectrum, and it’s more likely to burn than tan during exposure to the sun.

Medium tone

Medium skin tones are warmer and have higher melanin levels than fair skinned people, and they are more likely to tan than to get sunburnt.

Dark tone

Dark skin tones have the highest melanin levels, and people with this skin tone rarely get sunburn, and they may tan a lot easier than medium and fair tones.

Understanding your skin undertone

Once you’ve determined your skin tone, it’s time to consider your undertone. Your skin undertone is based on the hues beneath your skin tone, and they’re categorised as cool, warm, or neutral.

When choosing a new pair of glasses, thinking about your skin undertone can be a way to elevate the entire look, and our expert styling opticians will help you to align this with some of our stylish designer eyewear frames. We’ve explained more about each skin undertone category below.

Cool undertones

If your skin has pink, red, or bluish undertones, you have a cool skin tone. People with cool skin tones tend to have blue, grey, green or deep brown eyes, and their veins may look more blue than green.

Warm undertones

If your skin has yellow, peachy, or golden undertones, you probably have a warm skin tone. People with warm undertones in their skin may have green, amber, or hazel eyes.

Neutral undertones

It’s absolutely possible to have both warm and cool undertones, and we’d describe this as a neutral skin tone.

Wondering how skin tone and undertone interact? There’s no set rules, and there are so many different individual combinations that can present in people – we get to observe this first hand with our eyewear styling consultation! If you have a dark or medium skin tone, you can also have a neutral skin undertone; and fair toned people may also have warm undertones. The beauty of taking this into account when picking glasses is that you can accentuate your unique appearance.

Choosing glasses for your complexion

As we’ve explained, there are endless complexion pairings (tone and undertone), and they can present differently person-to-person. To give you an idea of some popular complexion choices for picking new glasses, we’ve created the following guides for

1. Dark or fair skin with cool undertones

Cool-toned fair skin looks great with frames in shades of blue, purple, pink, silver, and grey. We’d recommend steering clear of frames with warm undertones like yellow, orange, and gold, as they’d create a harsh contrast between your complexion.


2. Fair skin with warm undertones

Fair complexions with warm undertones look great in Autumnal frame colours – rust or dark orange, dark green and medium brown tortoiseshell frames will work seamlessly with the skins’ warm undertones, while balancing out the fair appearance.

3. Medium skin with warm complexion

If your complexion is a medium skin tone with warm undertones, you’ll look great in frames in shades of brown, tortoiseshell, gold, copper, beige, and olive green. These hues will all feel harmonious with your complexion, giving you a radiant appearance.

As you’d expect, frames in cool colours like blue and silver won’t complement your skin, as they could make you look washed out.

4. Fair, medium or dark skin tone with neutral complexion

Neutral skin tones can pull off a wide range of frame colours, but it can also depend on the dominant hues of your neutral undertones. If you have this complexion combination, our styling optician will likely suggest frames at different ends of the colour spectrum to decide what your dominant hue is. This experimentation is definitely worthwhile, as although neutral toned skin is extremely versatile, it still deserves to be emphasised!

5. Dark skin with cool undertones

One of the most striking choices for dark skin with cool undertones is jewel shades, or earthy colours – think sage green or rich, deep navy. This frame pairing will enhance your complexion with just the right amount of contrast.

6. Dark skin with warm undertones

The best frame colours for dark skin with warm undertones are closer to pastel shades – peach is one of the most eye-catching choices for this kind of complexion! We’d avoid grey or silver frames for this complexion.

More tips for choosing your next pair of glasses

Beyond skin complexion, we also consider a handful of other factors when it comes to helping our customers to choose their new eyewear. Face shape is a key factor, as certain frame styles can be ultra complementary, whereas other shapes might not feel like the right fit.

We’re also eager to explore how your lifestyle might impact the glasses that you choose; whether you’re looking for a pair that’ll add a pop of colour to your 9-5 office wear wardrobe, or if you need glasses that’ll keep up with your active lifestyle.

Book an eye exam & choose new glasses from your local independent opticians

The best way to begin shopping for new glasses is by booking a comprehensive eye exam so you can find frames for your latest prescription. Once you’ve got an up to date understanding of your vision, enjoy a bespoke eyewear styling consultation at any of our practices, and leave with glasses that both enhance your vision and elevate your confidence.

Visit Optical Revolution in Colchester, Catford, or Haywards Heath, or come and see us at Bott’s in Eastbourne or at Wheeler & Kirk in Southfields. To book an appointment, simply contact us.

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