A quick guide to contact lenses for beginners

Just like how you will need some time to adapt to things like when you first learn how to drive your car, learn to write or read, the same can be said when using contact lenses, especially if it is your first time. You might have bought your first lenses from Optical Revolution, and now you would want to see how it looks on you, but it can be quite a trouble when you first try it out. This is because it can take you some time to adjust your eyesight. However, the good news is that when you master it out, you should have no problems at all in the long run. To give you an idea about making things better for you, here is a quick guide for beginners that should help you greatly.


Putting your lenses inside your eyes or basically wearing them can be one of the hardest struggles you will ever encounter for a beginner. In this step, you should take note of to always make sure that your hands are as clean as possible. Before doing anything, you need to wash any possible dirt on your fingers or palms so that you would not have to risk any chances of getting eye infections. Once your hands are washed and dried, the next thing you do is to find a place to put your lenses on so you can get them. Always make sure that you are putting the right contact to the right eye, and make sure to carefully slide it up to your hand and use your fingertips instead of your nails when handling them. This is because your nails might cause some tears on the lenses. Be sure to put some solution on your lenses before putting them in your eyes.


Lenses from the Optical Revolution are not that hard to take out, as much as you think it is. Although it can be quite a struggle for a beginner, you will learn as time passes by. You will have to make sure that your hands are washed thoroughly and dried so that you can easily remove your lenses. Find a mirror and then slowly pull your lower eyelid and slide your contact lenses from your eyes to your finger, then straight back to its case.


Caring for and maintaining your lenses is a part of making sure that you can use them well. You need to make sure that you maintain them as clean as possible, so put them in their case and make sure that you put some cleaning solution inside with them so that they do not dry up. By doing this, you will be sure to use them for the maximum time allowed before they expire.

While contact lenses might have a shorter lifespan than eyeglasses, without a doubt, it is one of the most popular products from the Optical Revolution, and that is simply because it is more convenient to use even if it takes some time to get used to.

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