Get Free Polarised Lenses For Your Sunglasses In Time For Summer

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We have all experienced enough UK summers to know that the sunshine is often short lived; and bright, balmy days are something of a rarity. When we are lucky enough to enjoy a spell of good weather, making the most of it is a must. While many of us reach for SPF to protect our skin, our eyes are equally vulnerable to UV rays.

We want to help our customers to enjoy sunny days safely, and that’s exactly why we’ve launched our sizzling summer sunglasses offer! Throughout May and June, you can enjoy a free upgrade to polarised lenses worth £90, plus 50% off any additional lenses for the same prescription. Save on your next pair of stylish, protective prescription sunglasses, and have them to hand when the sun makes an appearance this summer.




Soak up the sunshine with designer prescription sunglasses

Protective prescription sunglasses are the accessory of the season! Whether you’ll be out and about entertaining the kids during the school holidays, or if you’ll simply be soaking up the sun on your morning commute, you’ll want a pair of sunglasses to get you through.

Having an up to date prescription will give you lots more wear out of your chosen frames, so be sure to book an eye test before you begin browsing the impressive range of glasses that we stock. Many of our designer brand eyewear styles qualify for this offer, so you can pick frames for your new sunglasses that suit you perfectly.

If you’re spoilt for choice, you could always add an eyewear styling consultation onto your eye test appointment. This way, finding the right shades will be even easier!

Protecting your eyes with premium polarised lenses

As part of our summer promotion, we’re giving you a free upgrade to polarised lenses when you choose a pair of frames for your sunglasses from us. Having adequate protection for your eyes is essential in the sunshine, and many people aren’t aware of just how damaging the rays can be. Overexposure to the sun without protection can damage our corneas, but it can also lead to things like macular degeneration and cataracts. However, in many cases UV damage to the eyes can be reversed – and wearing protective sunglasses is a great first step to take.

Polarised lenses provide unrivalled protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays all year round, so you can enjoy the good weather safely. They also offer enhanced clarity and reduced glare, even on the brightest, blue sky days. Benefit from our summer savings, and have your polarised prescription sunglasses ready when the sun comes out.

Get 50% off a second pair of lenses

For the trend-savvy amongst us, we’re giving you the option to switch up your style for summer with 50% off an additional pair of lenses. This way, if you’re tempted by two pairs, you don’t have to choose between them! Whether you’d like a casual pair of prescription sunglasses for day-to-day wear, and a sophisticated frame to take away on your summer holiday, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with this unmissable discount. To redeem this offer, your second pair of lenses must have the same prescription as your first.

Enjoy the summer in stylish, protective sunglasses

Just like the British summer, this exclusive offer won’t last forever! To enjoy savings of up to £510 on designer prescription sunglasses, visit us at your local independent optician practice before 30th June. 

Find out more about our 3D OCT eye exam, and contact us if you need any further information about any of our stores.


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