Choosing New Glasses: Styling Advice & Things To Consider

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Here at Optical Revolution, we understand the importance of feeling good in your glasses – and we’ve built this value into the service we offer for those looking for a new pair of designer frames. We welcome all kinds of customers into our stores – those that know exactly what kind of frame they’re looking for, and those who are bewildered by the choices available!

If you’ll be choosing your own new pair of spectacles soon, it might be worthwhile reading these tips that we’ve shortlisted to help you make the right decision. After all, we’re here to help you to see better, on your terms! Read on, and make note of some of these suggestions ahead of your next visit to your local opticians.

1. Start with your current prescription

An accurate and up-to-date eye exam ought to be your starting point when choosing new glasses. Once our optician has reviewed your current prescription, we’ll have a better understanding of exactly what you need from your new glasses; whether it’s for treating astigmatism, myopia management, or longsightedness.

At Optical Revolution, our professional optometrists carry out a comprehensive eye exam to determine your prescription, and they will also raise any specific lens requirements that you might need to consider.

2. Factor in your personal style

When you’re choosing new glasses, don’t forget to think about your personal style and how it varies. You might be on the hunt for a subtle frame for your 9-5, but once the weekend arrives, a vibrant, statement pair could capture your off-duty style perfectly. Sometimes, having a pair to alternate between is the perfect solution, and it means you don’t have to compromise when it comes to expressing yourself!

We’ve created our eyewear styling consultation to simplify this step. With this free in-store service, you can explore different styles, and shortlist the frames that match your individuality. One of our styling opticians will ask you a series of questions, and they’ll use your responses to sift through an array of classic, timeless designs and trendy, statement frames from our designer prescription glasses collection, suggesting styles that match your preferences.

3. Experiment with frame style and colour

We’re proud to offer an extensive range of frames in an array of different colourways from some of the most exciting European eyewear brands – but we appreciate that this can lengthen your decision-making process! Experimenting with different styles is a must though, and our customers are often surprised by the frames that stand out to them in comparison to their current pair of glasses.

During a styling consultation, we’ll help you to establish the frame colours and finishes that complement your skin tone and hair colour. You might even be drawn towards bold, vibrant hues or you could find yourself gravitating to subtle, neutral tones; our top tip here would be to select a tone that resonates with your personal aesthetic.

4. Frame material

While this might seem a little obscure, considering the durability and comfort of various frame materials is a smart way to approach choosing new glasses. Each material offers unique benefits, so choose one that suits your lifestyle and budget while being comfy enough for all-day wear.

5. Fit and comfort

Of course, fit and comfort are the deciding factors when trying on new glasses frames. The frames that you try on won’t be the pair you leave the store with – they will be tailored to your individual measurements, and your optician will assess the way they sit to ensure the pair that you receive is bespoke to you. Some styles may slip or cause pressure points, and others might just not feel right – it all boils down to the wearer. Pay attention to the nose pads, temples, and overall weight of the glasses to get the best idea of how comfortable they will be throughout the day.

6. Your lifestyle

Next, consider your lifestyle. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Consider glasses with UV protection. Do you spend long hours in front of a computer for work? Blue-light-blocking lenses may be your best bet. Your professional activities, hobbies, and daily routine should inform your choice.

7. Budget and value

Establish a budget for your new prescription glasses and explore options that offer the best value for your money. Consider factors such as frame quality, lens technology, and warranty coverage when comparing prices and making your final decision. Make sure you enquire about any finance plans available if you’ve got your heart set on a pair that are slightly out of budget – this is a service we’re happy to provide, and it means you can choose the frames that you feel good in!


By bearing these factors in mind when choosing new prescription glasses, you can make a confident and informed choice that enhances your vision, suits your style preferences, and fits your budget. Ready to find glasses that enhance your vision and style? You can book an appointment online at Optical Revolution in Colchester, Catford, or Haywards Heath to explore our wide selection of designer frames, or choose Bott’s in Eastbourne or Wheeler & Kirk in Southfields.

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